System Administrator Web UI

Accessing in Single Site Mode

Go to “/sysadmin”.

Note some calendar functions are accessed by going to “/admin”. Here you can set other users up to be a calendar admin. This is different from being a real systems administrator.

Accessing in Multi Site Mode

Go to the site domain configured for the “webIndex” folder.

Go to “/sysadmin”.


Users have to have the sysadmin flag set to access the sysadmin interface. The first user you create during installation will be a sysadmin. This user can make other users a sysadmin using the sysadmin interface.

On accesing the interface, for extra security the user has to enter passwords again. As well as the users normal password, an additional password is required to access the Sysadmin UI. It is set in config.php in the sysAdminExtraPassword option.

$CONFIG->sysAdminExtraPassword = 'qwerty';

Finding Slug

At times in the system administrators UI you will be asked to enter the slug of a piece of data. This can be found by looking at the URL.

The Slug is the ID number of the data, up to the first hyphen only.

For example,